A command. A month. A way of moving forward inexorably.

March is named after Mars, both a Roman god of war and a planet, considered a
masculine force and believed to move energy to your ability to take initiative, to face challenges directly and to overcome obstacles.

March is also women’s history month in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. And in 1977, the United Nations adopted International Women’s Day to be celebrated on March 8th.

Welcome to the dance of balance the month of March invites you to. Entertaining the cycles of strength that occur when the masculine and feminine meet with force. Inviting you to grab the reigns and take charge of the direction you’re wanting this year to go.

International Day of Forests on March 21st

Among other dates that are celebrated in March, my favorite is International Day of Forests on March 21st. Now is the time to plant trees, to plan your garden, to start seeds and to watch for those earliest flowers to bloom. Here in SW Michigan, I already have the uprising of crocus and daffodil leaves pushing through the leaf litter, and the Winter Aconite I purchased at Fernwood Botanical Garden a few years ago is in full yellow blooms under the still sleeping crab apple tree next to my driveway.

March is the third month of our US calendar year, often considered the first month of spring in the northern hemisphere. The meteorological beginning of spring is the first day of March and the spring equinox lands during the third week of March.

Spring Growth in March

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your season, take this moment to jot down some notes on what the month of March will bring to you. This can be anything, whatever comes to mind for you in this moment.

Check out the local Berrien County Conservation district’s spring tree and plant sale. This is where I buy my very affordable, bare root trees for spring planting. To date we have put in over 500 trees on our 17 acres, most have survived, some have not but that is the course of nature. I’ll keep planting and many will survive and thrive for the future generations to enjoy.

Take this moment of spring, this celebration of the creative cycle in the northern hemisphere, to acknowledge the divine feminine in yourself. Just as the powers of growth and creation are marching forward all around us, so too does the dance of life continue with us, as willing or unwilling participants. It is up to you how it will unfold for you this year.

As for forest bathing sessions, I’m hard at work planning the season ahead. Here is a quick link to the Eventbrite page with what I have confirmed for forest bathing with horses at Forest Meadow Ranch in Berrien Springs. Check back from time to time and see what has been added at Chikaming Open Lands, Fernwood Botanical Garden and more!

I can’t wait to see you out in the preserves this season!