Forest Meadow Ranch

Forest Meadow

Equine-Assisted Therapy & Wellness Center

In addition to equine-assisted therapy, Forest Meadow Ranch offers birthday parties, wellness events and activities designed to appeal to people of all ages. These events include yoga and meditation classes, special group events, and team building for professionals looking for alternative ways to help employee engagement and relations. For information on pricing please contact us. We’re happy to cater our menu to suit your specific needs

Forest Meadow Ranch

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Develop Soothing, Emotion-Regulating Behaviors

  • Breathtaking Beauty

  • Equine-Assisted Therapy

“Nature pulls us up when we feel down, worked up, and vulnerable. It takes us out of our neurosis, shakes off the cobwebs, and helps us to mentally refresh. Nature shows us the way of the cycles and impermanence of all things and awakens the heart.”