What if I am running late?

FTPs will wait at the meeting point for up to 10 minutes. If you find yourself delayed, we ask you contact the FTP for your session.

What if I am running late?2023-12-06T16:54:18+00:00

What if I am hungry?

We recommend you bring whatever you might need on a typical walk of the duration you register for, including water. After our session, we will have a closing circle of sharing with tea made from foraged plants and a light homemade snack for participants who wish to partake.

What if I am hungry?2023-12-06T16:54:26+00:00

Can I participate if I am pregnant or otherwise disabled?

Yes. Pregnant women can join right up until their due date, but we recommend you check with your doctor. We welcome individuals with any special needs. When you register you are asked to fill out a basic health questionnaire so that we can plan our walks accordingly to accommodate any special needs. [...]

Can I participate if I am pregnant or otherwise disabled?2023-12-06T16:54:36+00:00

The Logistics How does it work when I get there?

Once you register for a session, you will receive an email with details on the session, contact information for your Guide and the meeting point location. When you arrive at the meeting point, you will check in with your FTP and be given a standard waiver to sign to participate.

The Logistics How does it work when I get there?2023-12-06T16:54:45+00:00

What if it is cold or extreme weather?

If weather conditions are hazardous, would pose a serious risk to participants, or if temperatures are below  30 °F/-1 °C., we will cancel.

What if it is cold or extreme weather?2023-12-06T16:55:55+00:00

What if it rains?

Our programs are rain or shine. Rain often enhances sensory experience and makes for some of our most memorable walks. Please be sure to dress properly by reading about What to Wear.

What if it rains?2023-12-06T16:55:49+00:00

How far will I walk?

Our walks are typically on marked trails and range from ¼ mile to 1.5 miles depending on the chosen program. While some parts of the sessions are on naturally uneven terrain, your Guide takes into consideration the abilities of all participants.

How far will I walk?2023-12-06T16:55:43+00:00

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

You should come dressed weather appropriately for the class and ready to get dirty! We recommend either waterproof boots or comfortable walking shoes, as well as long pants and socks.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?2023-12-06T16:55:30+00:00


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