Covid Safety

In this new era, we remain committed to our core mission of guiding people outside.  During the time we were asked to stay at home, our minds and bodies were craving the outdoors. Nature therapy is more essential now than ever.  Science confirms not only is nature good for our physiological health, but also [...]

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What to Wear?

It’s all about the layers.  We can Learn a Lesson from the Swedes. As the saying goes in Sweden, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”. So what are the fundamentals of good clothes? In order to best enjoy Forest Bathing it is important to follow a few basic layering techniques.  By avoiding [...]

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Do I need to register?

Yes. It's important for us to know who's with us during our Forest Therapy sessions and to have your contact information in case of emergencies.

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Can I talk about my experience?

Of course! We welcome our participants to spread the word about our programs. However, we ask that you limit what you share to your individual experience. We reserve the right to bar anyone who violates this policy from future sessions.

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What about social media?

Once your program begins, we do not permit posting to social media. We have a strict policy to protect the privacy of our participants. We strive to provide a safe place during our programs so participants can experience their own journey without judgment. We reserve the right to bar anyone who violates this policy [...]

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Can I bring my phone?

Out of respect for other participants we ask that you please turn off your phone or place it in airplane mode for the duration of your session.

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