Welcome, March!

March. A command. A month. A way of moving forward inexorably. March is named after Mars, both a Roman god of war and a planet, considered a masculine force and believed to move energy to your ability to take initiative, to face challenges directly and to overcome obstacles. March is also women’s history month [...]

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Ecotourism and Forest Bathing: A Perfect Pairing

In a world where the hustle and bustle of modern life often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected, the concept of "forest bathing" emerges as a gentle remedy, drawing you back to nature's embrace. This practice can deepen the understanding of your environment while nurturing your well-being in profound ways. The Essence of [...]

Ecotourism and Forest Bathing: A Perfect Pairing2024-03-05T16:23:44+00:00



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